Clearer Conscience is thrilled to announce its partnership with Bin It To Win It®, aimed at significantly increasing the diversion of recyclables from landfills. Our groundbreaking collaboration will spearhead a paradim shift in recycling habits by turning any bin into a smart bin!

Key Features of Bin It To Win It®:

    • The innovative Bin It To Win It® platform leverages gamification to incentivize recycling, rewarding participants for putting the right waste in the right bin.

    • Eye-catching posters above or on recycling bins prompts individuals to scan a QR code and snap a picture of the recycled item, earning them entries into prize draws featuring cash rewards or spot prizes from partner retailers.

Impact and Customization:

    • By boosting the volume of recyclables deposited into the bins, our initiative effectively reduces landfill waste.

    • Whether you have one bin or 10,000, this platform will really help you make a difference.

    • The platform is adaptable to accomodate specific design requirements, ensuring seamless integration with any environment and any bin type.

Exclusive Opportunity in South Africa:

    • As the platform debuts in South Africa, early adopters have the unique chance to lead the way in revolutionizing recycling practices.

We are eager to share more about this initiative with you. Kindly contact our office at or 021 594 3162 and we will promptly arrange a convenient appointment.