We give you a
Clearer Conscience
by collecting your
recyclable materials
from your doorstep.

How we can help

Clearer Conscience
makes your recycling and
waste management easier.
We free up your time.
We teach invaluable
lessons about everyday
materials. We make sure
that local initiatives and
worthy causes benefit.

What to recycle

Bottles (e.g. soft drinks)
Household (e.g. detergents, shampoo)
Film (e.g. grown veg, appliances)
Containers (e.g. ice cream, Marg, feta, food trays)
Tetrapaks (e.g. long life milk cartons)

Jars & Bottles

Newspapers, junk mail, office paper, exercise books, etc.
Magazines & books: please keep separately so these can be sold through charity shops

Boxes, toilet rolls, cereal boxes, etc.

Tins, cans, scrap metal

All cables, appliances, computers & printers

Clothes, bric-a-brac (must be in good condition so it can be donated to charity shops), plants, garden accessories, primer cartridges, green waste, unwanted furniture.

Please don’t mix items in bags (e.g. keep garden waste separate from books)

Food waste

Clearer Conscience is unique in Cape Town in offering a service for businesses, complexes and estates that collects all food waste (including meat and bones) as well as paper tissues & towels.

Carbon Reporting

Do you know how much
carbon dioxide greenhouse
gas your recycling saves?

Clearer Conscience
assists with your carbon
reporting by letting you
know exactly how much
you recycle each month.




"Wonderful service, thank you!"

"I think it’s fantastic. It takes the hassle out of doing the right thing. We have always recycled but found"


Clearer Conscience believes
in as many people as possible benefitting from recycling.

We donate as much material as possible to charities and worthy causes, who then then sell it on to aid their operations.


Whether you need daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly collections, Clearer Conscience offers recycling, food waste, garden waste and general waste solutions for everyone, from shopping malls and restaurant groups to individual households.


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