Food waste

There is a shocking amount of food waste that is simply discarded when it can actually be reused. In line with the Western Cape Government’s move to a circular economy, they aim to eliminate organic material from going to landfill by 2027 due to the danger it poses.

Clearer Conscience is unique in Cape Town in offering a service for businesses, complexes and estates that collects all food waste (including meat and bones) as well as paper tissues & towels.

Simply have your compostable bags or drums ready for us to collect on your regular collection day. 

 100-litre or 50-litre drum for food waste









The package we suggest for business/ restaurants/ complexes:

  • 1x 50-litre food drum
  • Weekly collections

The facility we will be dropping off to is Master Organics in Ottery, an accredited site which manufactures high-quality compost blends suitable for diverse uses.

They receive the compostable waste and process them in a particular fashion to ensure thorough breakdown of all components. Once the compost has fully decomposed and reached the desired quality, it is removed from the tunnels and forwarded for additional processing. 

We also provide food waste to farmers to assist with their composting and livestock needs.

We offer 50 & 100-litre drums that are ideal for food waste collections from schools, hotels, restaurants and businesses.

Please contact us for further details.