“Thanks Clearer Conscience™ for helping to make recycling such a breeze … even our kids pitch in now that it’s so simple, easy and convenient … and we feel good about the fact that our council rubbish bin is now always half empty instead of permanently overflowing.”

Spencer McNally, Camps Bay

“The frightening photos of plastic in the oceans and the equally alarming forecasts of ozone destruction make it imperative to have the benefit – for the good of the planet – of the services your company provides so efficiently and with such commitment.”

Craig and Claerwen Howie

“Our environment is under direct threat, and we cannot afford for recycling to be ‘somebody else’s problem’ – every company can, and does, make a difference.

We use Clearer Conscience™ for our recycling, and we highly recommend their service – they provide a very professional, reliable and efficient solution to the recycling challenge facing today’s modern lifestyle and way of business.

“Not only are we jointly making a difference, they are a pleasure to deal with.”

Ian Young, Managing Director, Saatchi & Saatchi, Cape Town

“Your recycling service today rocked. Love your business.”

leenelson (via Twitter)

“Many thanks for the interesting presentation you did for us on Saturday. The information you shared with us was very educational. We all learnt a lot. The feedback from the Lions present was extremely positive.

I have been a member of our organisation for 19 years and to my knowledge we have never had a talk on this topic before.

Thank you for giving up the afternoon for us, it was greatly appreciated.

Best Regards

Mike Roman, Region Chairman, Lions International

“Your guys are very friendly and helpful…thanks so much for a great service.”

Bottomline Advertising

“We are very happy with the service provided. Friendly staff, reliable collection, good communication. Feels like we made a really good choice here. I recommend Clearer Conscience to everyone that wants good service at a good price and cares about the environment.”

Yin n You massage therapy, Gardens

“Great service, very reliable and well priced! Thank you Clearer!”

Melisa, Higgovale

“CC offer a valuable service. CC can be relied on to collect on schedule. The drivers are friendly and helpful.”

Joanne Hichens, Muizenberg

“A fantastic and reliable service offering good value for money as well as time saving. No more Oasis or dump runs!.”

Alex Downes, Rondebosch

“Clearer Conscience has enabled me to contribute in one very small way to reducing our planet of the damaging detritus we humans produce by the ton each year. With their designated forms of waste e.g. plastic, newspapers/paper, glass, plastic milk and soft drink bottles, and many more types, I find it is now automatic to think in ecological categories. I would encourage anyone who has not signed up for CC service to do so. Let’s clean up our landfills, reduce the amount of plastic clogging our waterways, oceans and landscapes, let’s help our fellow creatures to survive without consuming or being entangled and entrapped in our litter and non-biodegradable waste.

I bless the day Clearer Conscience came into my life. Thank you Andy and your team!”

Sandy, Gardens

“Brilliant and efficient

Family in Lynfrae,

“In the 2+ years I’ve used Clearer Conscience, they have always been reliable on pickup.  It is a service that just works.”

N. Adorno, Higgovale

“Clearer Conscience offer a great service, packaged in a community program to benefit us all, creating jobs and provide one small step towards saving the planet. Their staff are contactable and always flexible if I need to arrange another drop-point, and are always happy to pick up random extra recyclables for their community shop. Also they support other initiatives, like the beach clean and work within the wider community to further environmental objectives.”

Liz Palmer, Muizenberg

“You’re amazing”

Lauren Adley, Claremont

“Great service. On time. Makes recycling easy.”

Hayley, Claremont

“We are very happy with the service”

Paddy, Kalk Bay

“Wonderful service, thank you!”

Caitlin Stein, Newlands

“The Clearer Conscience Team are helpful, professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Tanya, Woodstock

“Clearer Conscience are an easy to use, efficient and reliable service provider. I have used them for many years now. We should ALL be recycling, and their service is affordable, so allows us to do it.”

Abigail Reynolds, St James

“Clearer Conscience provides an excellent recycling service. They are efficient,  reliable and affordable. More than that, they educate us in a practical way on good recycling practices, including how to wash recyclables during the drought. I appreciate their inclusion of existing customers in how they are growing their business – they invite contributions but do not bombard us with unnecessary information or requests.”

Jessica, Kenilworth

“A value-added service that allows me to recycle without any inconvenience”

Laura, Newlands

“We love you guys! You service both of our homes in Cape Town and are always on time and professional. You even ring our bell and remind us of collection days if we have forgotten! Thank you.”

Samantha Holt, Constantia

“Clearer Conscience has been professional, consistent and courteous from Day 1! On the odd occasion when we forget to put our bags out they are kind enough to call us, and I’ve been impressed by the way that they keep on innovating to provide customers with more choice and improved service levels. Thanks for a #JobWellDone guys!”

Lisa, Muizenberg

“In this day and age its amazing to have these environmentally conscious organisations like Clearer Conscience. With recycling companies there should be no excuse for not recycling. Clearer conscience is a great, affordable and reliable company”

Janine, Cape Town

“Reliable and good value service.”

Neil, Rondebosch

“Clearer Conscience provide a great service! I highly recommend using them!”

Sue Bust, Muizenberg

“Clearer Conscience are professional, helpful and true to their name. I know that each time I recycle my conscience is clearer knowing that it is being collected and recycled by an ethical company. Thank you!!”

Client, Vredehoek

“Excellent, easy service.”

Casey, Tamboerskloof

“I think it’s fantastic. It takes the hassle out of doing the right thing. We have always recycled but found the hassle of getting the bags to the depot a pain on our weekends. Now all we need to do is pop our bags outside and the recycling is collected. We have been part of the Clearer Conscience family for over a year now and we love it.”

Jacqui Fincham, Claremont