We take great pleasure in introducing you to our new vehicle.
(We haven’t given her a name yet but may well do soon!)

She’s an industrial, 5-ton load Hyundai and marks a significant increase (actually, a doubling!) in the capacity of Clearer Conscience, as well as the beginning of a new era for us.
At the beginning of 2023 we had two vehicles and seven employees. As we approach the end of 2023, Clearer Conscience has five vehicles and 15 employees, and is responsible for waste management at shopping malls, business parks, hotels, restaurant groups, food producers, residential estates, and other significant clients.

Recently we assisted the formation of a sister company, CurbCycle, with majority black, female ownership, encouraging youth employment.

It specialises in household recycling collections, sorting and distribution and will be in charge of administration for all the individual Clearer Conscience household clients.

For the time being, household clients will see the same Clearer Conscience crew and vehicles, to ensure there is as little disruption as possible to your service.
Any household enquiries should be directed to admin@curbcycle.co.za, or by phone 072 848 0702.

Clearer Conscience’s founder, Andy Conder, has been working with the Economic Development Partnership to launch The Recyclers Association, an entity geared to ensuring SMMEs continue to be able to participate in the waste management sector, competing for future tenders and opportunities offered by the City, as well as large organisations.
He is also a committee member of the Organics Recycling Association of South Africa (ORASA) and the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), the latter whom are holding their international conference in Cape Town in September 2024.

The larger capacity of the 5-ton truck means we will have to change the invoice description for clients who are charged per load. The benefits are that this will allow greater precision in keeping track of volumes and also means we will be able to easily identify what recycling is from whom (something that is legal requirement). More on this when we are closer to implementing it though.

NB. We do not intend this change to have much difference on the rates you are currently paying.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a joyful and blessed festive period, and thank everybody who contributed to the Christmas Box for the road crews.

Enjoy your holidays, and please stay safe on the roads.

With our kindest regards and thanks for your continued belief and support,