Andy Conder joins Tracey Lange to chat about the Cape Town recycling service, Clearer Conscience.

They started in 2008 as a recycling collections service for homes, offices and work, commercial and industrial premises.

There’s a lot of people in Cape Town that want to recycle and sadly there’s not curbside collections for everybody.

Andy Conder, Clearer Conscience

Clearer Conscience has two types of recycling services:

For guidelines on what to recycle, seeĀ here.

The materials are then donated to worthy causes and charities.

If we look at the Oasis Association in Kenilworth, it’s an organisation that looks after people with learning difficulties.

Andy Conder, Clearer Conscience

Once everything is sorted, it then gets sold on to the processes and the charity… they receive funds from the processors to help with running the centre.

Andy Conder, Clearer Conscience


Listen below as Tracey Lange chats to Andy Conder from Clearer Conscience about their recycling collections service and charity activity.





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Article by Ayesha Yon, August 2021