Bin It To Win It®

Revoluntionize Recycling with Bin It To Win It® Clearer Conscience is thrilled to announce its partnership with Bin It To Win It®, aimed at significantly increasing the diversion of recyclables from landfills. Our groundbreaking collaboration will spearhead a paradim shift in recycling habits by turning any bin into a smart bin! Key Features of Bin […]

Get your FREE recycling guide!

♻️ Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ♻️ In today’s world, recycling is more important than ever. It’s a simple yet effective way to reduce waste, conserve resources, and combat climate change. But with so many materials and regulations, recycling can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s where our recycling guides come in! Packed with tips to make your recycling journey smoother and more […]

Join the Founding Membership of the Western Cape Recyclers Association!

Western Cape Recyclers Association

Join the Founding Membership of the Western Cape Recyclers Association! The newly-forming Western Cape Recyclers Association is seeking engagement from small, medium, and micro-sized enterprises in the waste management sector to shape and participate in future recycling projects, including a 2024 pilot project in Retreat/Grassy Park. By joining early, members can influence the association’s direction […]

CurbCycle to take over residential collections

CurbCycle to take over residential collections Since we started operating in 2008, the values of social and environmental responsibility have been important to Clearer Conscience, and over the years we have partnered with charities and worthy causes to help people, animals and the environment. We are pleased to announce the formation of CurbCycle (Pty) Ltd, […]

The Biodegradable vs Recycle Debate

Recently, Clearer Conscience enjoyed a lively conversation with Biodegradable Future about the strengths of biodegradable vs recycle approaches to addressing (especially plastic) pollution and waste. The tendency is to see recycling as more efficient than biodegradable products, but we suggest this is a long term view. We agreed that biodegradable additives to polymers could provide […]

Food Waste Collections in Cape Town by Clearer Conscience Recycling

We are glad to announce we will be starting residential food waste collections in October. We will collect ALL food waste except for flesh (cooked or uncooked) and bones. We will also collect paper tissues & towels. Simply have your compostable bags ready for us to collect on your regular collection day. Our teams are […]

We all need to recycle. Here’s why…

We all know we should try and take our own bags when we go shopping, right? But do we ever consider the irony of the packaging that our items are wrapped in? Online shopping and delivery services have seen huge growth during the coronavirus pandemic. Hopefully consumers have thought about the packaging that their purchases […]

Clearer Conscience: Recycling and greening education at schools

Clearer Conscience currently looks after the recycling efforts at several schools in and around Cape Town. We have also made presentations to pupils and hopefully this has given them greater insight into some of the concerns our environment is facing. But are school recycling initiatives enough? They certainly make recycling visible. In our experience since […]

Clearer Conscience: Cape Town recycling service uplifting worthy charities and causes

Andy Conder joins Tracey Lange to chat about the Cape Town recycling service, Clearer Conscience. They started in 2008 as a recycling collections service for homes, offices and work, commercial and industrial premises. There’s a lot of people in Cape Town that want to recycle and sadly there’s not curbside collections for everybody. Andy Conder, […]

Clearer Conscience recycling collections in Cape Town

  Monday 23rd August, 11:35, kfm 94.5, interview with the irrepressible Tracey Lange. Tune in to find out why recycling matters and what you can do about it. Clearer Conscience provides recycling collections in Cape Town as well as general waste management. Started in 2008 we are known as trustworthy, reliable, affordable and friendly.