We all know we should try and take our own bags when we go shopping, right? But do we ever consider the irony of the packaging that our items are wrapped in?

Online shopping and delivery services have seen huge growth during the coronavirus pandemic. Hopefully consumers have thought about the packaging that their purchases generate, but have they thought about the absolute necessity of items being wrapped in paper, then plastic and then cardboard? The Consumer Brands Association (CBA) in the USA has found “While consumer concern about single-use plastics was high, a solid majority (62%) of respondents agreed that improving the recycling system so it could efficiently process plastic was the best way to deal with single-use plastic waste. Only 17% were in favor of single-use plastic bans.”

Greenpeace are pushing for single-use plastic to be banned. That will be a huge development that will take time. In the short term, companies like Biodegradable Future have a solution: adding their compound to single-use plastics.

When more households, businesses and industrial producers make sure they collect material that can be recycled we will see an increase in the facilities for recycling. This will lead to an increase in employment as well as a decrease in the volume of natural resources that are extracted from the planet each year and increased efficiency of these processes going forward.

So what can you do?

Simple. Recycle. Make sure your recycling is collected from your homes, offices and workplaces. Make sure it’s done by a reputable service who don’t take it to landfill or fly-tip.

Clearer Conscience was founded in 2008 and collects recycling in and around Cape Town. We benefit charities and worthy causes. Our teams are friendly, helpful and trusted. We offer personalised recycling solutions wherever you may need them. We are a South African initiative with with South Africa employees, all of whom are unemployed when they start with us and are up-skilled on an ongoing basis. Using Clearer Conscience gives you a clearer conscience.

Clearer Conscience recycling in Cape Town
Clearer Conscience collects recycling from homes and businesses in and around Cape Town