Clearer Conscience recycling and waste management solutions
Clearer Conscience looks after the waste management at The Old Biscuit Mill
There was no municipal recycling service. There were only 2 drop-offs and they were not convenient for most people. That’s why Clearer Conscience was founded.
It started with a truck, a website, a driver/marketer/admin person. Soon it grew and #ClearerConscience needed more team members. Social Responsibility credentials were added to the environmentally responsible ones.
Education/training + opportunity leads to development + sustainability.
Clearer Conscience is still going strong thanks to you being environmentally and socially responsibly minded. Without you there is no consideration of the unnecessary extraction of our planet’s natural resources; no effort to create meaningful employment opportunities; no genuine effort to show that people actually care about things that are worth caring about.
(In case you don’t know, Clearer Conscience makes sure your recyclables benefit charities and worthy causes assisting: the environment; people with learning difficulties; animals; female empowerment; the countering of antisocial societal influence; underrepresented educational initiatives – and we constantly look for other causes we can assist with.)

In 2021 it still isn’t easy to recycle in most of CapeTown.

The municipal recycling service is limited to certain areas and closes with Covid-19 lockdown levels. Other recycling services don’t turn up. There are several drop-offs but wouldn’t collections from your home or work be easier?
Clearer Conscience makes it easy for you to recycle. (That’s our Mission Statement, btw.) We want as many people as possible to recycle. Flat, house, apartment block, residential estate, office, warehouse, bar, restaurant, guesthouse, hotel, school, college, university, market, photo shoot, film shoot, sporting event – nothing is too large or too small.
Today we still collect from people who signed up in 2008. That’s a good sign, no?
Let Clearer Conscience look after your recycling.