About Us

Clearer Conscience™ is a Cape Town based service that has grown out of pure need – a need to do something today, not tomorrow, to help the planet into the next millennium.

Being localised in our areas has allowed us to develop an easily accessible way to recycle things you throw away at very affordable prices.

The service is monitored constantly to ensure that the materials we collect do in fact go to the best places for recycling.

When we first started recycling at home, we knew so little, and ended up with loads of bags of recyclables that we did not know what to do with.

We realised that there were people just like us: those who wanted to make a difference but did not know how.

Clearer Conscience™ makes your life easier, gives you more time and teaches you invaluable lessons about everyday materials.

Put simply, we save you precious time: time you could spend doing the things you really want to do, and we make sure local initiatives and worthy causes benefit.

Clearer Conscience™ is a registered B-BBEE Level Four Contributor rated 100% for its Procurement Level, and is accredited by the City of Cape Town as a Waste Service Provider