T & C’s

Preparation and Collection

Clearer Conscience™ undertakes to collect materials to be recycled from the User on agreed designated days but reserves the right to arrange for collection on alternative days as circumstances may dictate.

The User shall ensure that the different categories of waste are correctly separated (as indicated on our website), bagged and are accessible for collection as prescribed by Clearer Conscience™ from time to time. The User shall ensure that the normal sized refuse bags are placed in a visible and accessible location on the pre-arranged collection day, by 8 a.m., unless an alternative arrangement has been made.

The User shall be responsible for the management of their recycling separation and placement for collection, which activities shall be conducted in a hygienic manner and which shall comply with any municipal or local authority regulations governing waste disposal and collection. Clearer Conscience™ similarly undertakes to comply with such regulations upon collection of the refuse from the User.

Cancellation and suspension of service

We require written notice one month before your final collection.

We reserve the right to freeze collections for any Users who have invoices outstanding of 30 days or more. The User will be liable for payment for the full subscription period as originally detailed.

No liability or warranties

Clearer Conscience™ shall not be responsible for any loss or damage, whether direct, indirect or consequential, suffered by the User in respect of his property or person or any third party or person, arising from or in connection with the service provided. The User accepts the service at its sole risk.

Clearer Conscience™ shall not be bound by any warranties or representations made to the User unless they have been made in writing or are published electronically on its website or communicated by e-mail.

Binding conditions and amendment

Upon subscribing to the service, the User shall be bound by the above terms and conditions and by any regulations and conditions published on the Clearer Conscience™ website from time to time.

Clearer Conscience™ shall be entitled to amend these terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice to the User.