We recommend a trial period during which we will be able to accurately assess your particular needs and requirements.

At the end of the trial period it will be apparent what your regular recycling and waste management needs are and we can implement your tailored structure.

No volume is too small or too large for our collection teams.

We are more than happy to make presentations (formal or informal) to your staff to support your recycling and waste management program. This goes towards alleviating any confusion over what can and cannot be recycled, and helps your staff and/or customers to make the most of the services we offer.

We also provide artworks you can use on your website and in your premises to show you care about the environment – something that clients increasingly want.

Feel free to contact us via email ( or call us on 082 339 9838

Clearer Conscience™ is a registered B-BBEE Level Four Contributor rated 100% for its Procurement Level, and is accredited by the City of Cape Town as a Waste Service Provider