Why Recycle?

If you still need an answer to the question “Why recycle?” then you may not realise just how much of the planet’s resources we waste.

Consumerism and a “throw away” society are crippling the sustainability of the planet. Population growth is putting extreme pressure on the environment to support the 7.6 billion people living on earth, a figure which is expected to grow to 9 billion by 2050.

By recycling, we contribute to the elimination of deforestation, mining and many other primary extraction practices that pillage the earth’s resources. This in turn will lead to a slowing down of global warming and encourage sustainable development practices that will see the future of the human race and its symbiosis with earth in equilibrium.

Additionally there is the education aspect, leading to people becoming more aware of their patterns of consumption, enabling them to make better, more sustainable choices.

We can’t ignore the employment aspect either: more material to collect and process means there will be more jobs available.

These are important elements of the circular economy, an approach that redefines the flow and potential usage of materials.

We are starting to see the introduction of legislation that means, for example, packaging producers and users have to take responsibility to ensure an extended lifespan of the material they use. This will hopefully lead to the end of single use materials. 


Sound serious? Well, it is!

Clearer Conscience™ gives you the tools to play your part in this essential process of helping our people and our planet.