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How Do I Recycle?

There are 3 steps to recycling:

1. Separate (and rinse where necessary) your recyclable from non-recyclable materials.

2. Bag the separated material.

3. Dispose of it, making sure it all reaches the appropriate recycling depots and relevant charities.

Clearer Conscience™ simply asks you to do step 1 and 2!

We take over step 3: fetching your recyclables and making sure they are allocated correctly. Simply make sure you put them outside your home or office by 9am, and we'll do the rest!

Click on the link below to learn more about what you can recycle.

What can I recycle?



Our preferred recycling bin provider, Postwink, is getting rid of samples of their ranges. Please contact info@postwink.co.za for amazing deals to make your recycling system even easier!



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