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We recommend a four week trial period working with your company, after which time we will be able to accurately assess your particular business needs and requirements.

At the end of the trial period it will be apparent what your regular recycling needs are, and from there we can structure a more permanent deal. 

On average, collection directly from your premises is R95 per collection, depending on the location of your business, for the equivalent of 4 black bags of recyclables.

If you feel that your company will produce either more or less than 4 bags of recyclable material per collection, we can provide alternative packages.

We are more than happy to make presentations (formal or informal) to your staff to support your recycling program. This goes towards alleviating any confusion over what can and cannot be recycled, and helps your staff and/or customers to make the most of the sevices we offer.

Feel free to contact us via email (info@clearer.co.za)

or call us on 082 339 9838


Clearer Conscience is registered as a B-BBEE Level Four Contributor and rated 100% for its Procurement Level.

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