Bin It To Win It® is your way of making sure the right waste goes into the right bin!

Clearer Conscience are exclusive service providers for the Western Cape region.


Simply by adding our poster to it, any bin (for any waste-type), becomes a smart-bin. Users just tap or scan the QR Code with their smartphone to get more information on exactly what goes in it, and a chance to win BIG prizes for getting it right! 

There’s no app download required. Our AI can also provide data on the type of waste being binned.



Bin It To Win It® is a powerful tool to reduce waste contamination by educating users about what type of waste goes in each bin. It not only reduces waste collection costs but also increases recycling and reduces landfill. We can tailor Bin It To Win It® for any “waste type”, no matter how unusual. 

Bin It To Win It® is also incredibly easy to implement. Just apply the poster/sticker to your bins and you’re up and running.

Why Licence?

Licence for Bin It To Win It® include the following:

  • AI (artificial intelligence)
  • Option to integrate within existing Apps (additional setup costs, depending on complexity)
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • Updates, changes and new releases
  • Regular releases of new and additional features
  • Opportunities to join “global” events and prize draws

Bin It To Win It® streamlines waste management processes by ensuring that waste is correctly sorted and disposed of, reducing the time and effort required for waste handling. 

By promoting proper waste separation, Bin It To Win It® helps to minimize contamination of recyclable materials, improving the quality of recycled goods and reducing waste disposal costs.

Facilities can save money on waste disposal and recycling costs by optimizing waste separation practices and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills.

Bin It To Win It® helps facilities comply with waste management regulations and standards by ensuring that waste is diposed of in accordance with legal requirements, minimizing the risk of fines or penalties.

Proper waste separation reduces the risk of cross-contamination and improves hygiene and safety conditions in the facility, creating a healthier and safer environment for employees and visitors.

Demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility through the use of Bin It To Win It® can enhance the facility’s corporate image and reputation, attracting environmentally friendly conscious customers and stakeholders.

Bin It To Win It® provides valuable data and insights into waste generation patterns, allowing facilities to identify opportunities for waste reduction, recycling improvement, and operational efficiency optimisation. 

Engaging employees in waste separation activities through Bin It To Win It® initiatives promotes a culture of sustainability and environmental awareness within the facility, fostering employess satisfcation and morale. 

Bin It To Win It® leverages innovative technology solutions such as QR code scanning and AI waste recognition to make waste separation easier, more efficient, and more accessible for facility staff and visitors. 

Licence Available Now

Bin It To Win It® is a patent-pending technology that includes additional features set for launch during 2024, including AI recognition by specific waste type.

So easy to set up!

Pick your prize – or join our R 1000

We can create jackpots and spot-prizes to suit your facility, e.g. canteen credits, duvet days or loyalty points. You can opt to join our R20 000 annual fund too! We can refresh prizes by week, month or quarter.

Tell us your waste types

We can create posters to suit your exact waste requirements. We add or delete any waste icons – and then use the same icons on the pop-up smartphone screens.

Size and quantity

How many bins do you need stickers for? We offer A5 to A1.

We’ll even add your logos.

Want to incorporate Bin It To Win It® within your App custom designed posters?

We can design the posters and smartphone screen to match your branding – and even make it look like it’s part of your own app! We don’t need your developers to be involved! Ask for details.